James & Eleanor Avery

James and Eleanor’s collaborative practice draws on historical references and events which are reinterpreted and reformulated with contemporary iconography to give a new rereading of the original source. Their works often reference cult ideology and divergent belief systems, where they are interested in the overriding seduction of power and irony within these structures, drawing on such diverse subject matter as the Bayeux tapestry, cold war aircraft and totemic pagan symbolism.

James & Eleanor Avery - Taxi

Taxi, 2015
Laminate, metal stand
144 (h) x 54 (w) x 50 (d) cm

James & Eleanor Avery - Taxi (detail)

Taxi (detail)

James & Eleanor Avery - Taxi Back

Taxi Back, 2015
Photographic print on metallic paper
44 x 60 cm