Samin Son

Samin Son has been based in Wellington (NZ) since 2006 but had to pause his art school studies at the end of 2007 to complete a 23 month Mandatory Military Service for South Korea. This experience, leaving his Korean family behind, identity politics involving experiences of racism, puberty and adapting to being brought up by his NZ family are naturally referenced throughout his work. Son’s practice references the ideas through re-enactment and therapy rituals of cathartic actions, unfolding the stories and narratives he sees in his own life as well as the similarities in others.

Samin Son - Where Whare performance (1)

Where / Whare, 2015
Performance at PaulNache Gallery

Samin Son - Where Whare performance (2)

Where / Whare

Samin Son - Where Whare installation

Where / Whare, 2015
Yellow PVC raincoat, toothpaste
Dimensions vary
Installation at PaulNache Gallery