Scott Eady

One would have to be a barren soul not to enjoy Scott Eady’s art. Eady’s sculptures delight. They present us with artful masquerade and if we let them, they ignite our imagination and can make us smile. Mostly they are images which include a tongue-in-cheek glimpse at many of the things in this world that we often take too seriously. Scott Eady has always and continues to make strong claims for an object-based sculptural practice, while or though laughing at or undercutting some of its associations and forms.

Scott Eady - Fleece

Fleece, 2015
Marino wool, silkdupion, blank cotton, hand sewn by Anne Jaquiery
45.7 x 45.7 cm

Scott Eady - The Artist Nose

The Artist Nose, 2015
Bronze, gold leaf
7 x 5 x 9 cm

Scott Eady - You Look Fabulous, Repeated 272 Times

You Look Fabulous, Repeated 272 Times, 2015
Font: calibri, lower case, font size: 11, fabriano paper, invisible offset printing ink
37 x 42 cm