Status Quo

Solo exhibition

11 February - 3 March 2013

120 Courtenay Place, Wellington, NZ

James R Ford, Road to Nowhere (detail), 2013

Status quo can refer to a situation that stakeholders find mutually undesirable but the outcome of any changes to it may be overly risky; at the same time they recognize that eventual change will occur, and openness to the potential that a better alternative solution may emerge over time.

Status Quo is an exhibition of new kinetic artworks by James R Ford, displayed sequentially week by week. The works all feature an item of play paired with a motorised household object; including a pull-along toy on a treadmill (Road to Nowhere, 2013), an inscribed cricket bat on a record player (Quandary Phase, 2013) and a pair of dice in a foot spa (Total Paradise, 2013).

By arrangement with Urban Dream Brokerage and supported by The Chartwell Trust