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The Artifice textworks focus on statements and aphorisms about the contemporary human condition. Whilst questioning art authorship and attribution of value through language-as-art.

Are we living an authentic life, or an artificial one? With the proliferation of always-on social media and image editing, the lines are blurred. Uninterested with the hi-end uses of AI, the artist opts to ask the computer for outputs such as “average landscape oil painting”, under-utilising the power and potential of the technology for his generated painted backdrops.

The idea here is not to impress, but to lure. John Baldessari’s painting “Tips for artists who want to sell” is used here as a reference for generating imagery to entice the viewer into looking and then digesting the hand-painted words. Referencing Magritte’s pipe and Craig-Martin’s oak tree, “This is Not an Oak Tree”, blurs the lines further and surfaces the crux of the issue. How does a machine know what an oak tree looks like? What are we looking at, and who is the author?

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